Your Visualization Technology Partner

Surrealty utilizies proprietary technologies to render and process complex datasets for high-performance computing.

No matter if your solution uses 2D, 3D and/or is just compute focused, Surrealty systems can get your processing into the GPU and back. In addition to graphics, our high-performance computing solutions are used for a wide variety of uses, including simulations and machine vision.

Core Technologies

Our software is built on DirectX 12. We love the granular and powerful capabilities provided by Microsoft which we expand upon to provide a simple way to use a complex processing environment.

Surrealty utilizes Hewlett-Packard, Intel and NVIDIA hardware in our development and production environments. However, our software is built to operate on any Microsoft Windows based with DirectX 12 supported hardware.


Our inter-network applications utilize various providers in cloud to provide automated consumption, processing and delivery to our customers. Our extended cloud networks are both highly-secure and high-speed.

GPU Workers

Our technology abstracts GPU work units in such a way that graphics, and/or advanced computing pipelines can be your focus.

Let us handle the application infrastructure needed to deliver your business code into the high-performance computing environment.

With Surrealty, applications can access both compute and graphics pipelines at the same time.