Ethical Virtual Staging

Surrealty is committed to providing high-quality virtually staged images in an ethical manner. What does this mean?

We Will Do The Following:

  • Modify lighting to present an image with the best possible perceived value to the viewer.
  • Add or manipulate objects in the image, which one may expect to see if someone lived in the home. Examples include a adding a couch or changing curtains.
  • Only use 3D models for which we have the license to use.
  • Only use photography for which we have liencse to use.
  • Do our best to make sure the picture represents the original picture with only the necessary changes made for the purposes of design.
  • Upon request, add appliances. (Any home must state in the listing and/or communicate through the sellers' agent what is included. It is the buyers responsibility to verify what appliances come with the home.)

We Will NOT:

  • Place furniture, pictures, or any object over areas that may have visible signs of damage.
  • Change the colors to misrepresent the actual home flooring or walls. (Exceptions may be made for home owners or builders where colors are intended to be changeable or there are options for customers to be provided and communicated visually.)
  • Purposefully misrepresent the value of a space by digitally altering the image.
  • Steal art or 3D models for our renderings.

Call a contractor before sending us this photo.

We will not cover this up.

We will NOT cover this up either!