Core Technology

Our platform is built to ensure that we have the ability to execute and deliver virtual services and products to a worldwide audience.

Our Position Is Simple

Surrealty delivers end-to-end virtual products by using proprietary advanced computing software across a worldwide network.

3D Processing Software

Surrealty's proprietary software provides unique functions to manipulate and process 3 dimensional spaces. Our operations teams have integrated workflows to ensure repeatability for all 3D processing tasks.

  • Fully immersive scene editor and renderer
  • Perspective and orthogonal cameras
  • Spot, point directional, and projective lighting
  • Complex shadowing and blending
  • Material management
  • Texture management

Worldwide Network

The Surrealty platform utilizes a worldwide network mesh that allows our workflows to be distributed logically to processes anywhere in the world.  We can focus on providing the lowest-price to our customers with an agile and lean sales and delivery automation system.

  • Scale-free job dispatching ensures partners control their own future and markets/territories
  • Scale-free delivery ensures we can overflow or put underutilized resources to work
  • Smart job processing with AI ensures we never miss a delivery date
  • Built on Amazon cloud - Our mesh technology provides businesses and consumers with speed and accessibility world-wide
  • With blockchain technology, our transactions through the mesh are secure while maintaining a high degree of integrity and audit-abilty

Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality

Virtual technology allows for the manipulation of media and data to create spaces, or to take spaces, and create individualized media and data.

Complex morphology and mathematics make it possible to add and remove content from digital media to provide various experiences for users. For example, an image can be modified to contain new content and rendered to appear as if the content was part of the original image.


We can create deeper user experiences that look and feel amazing.