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What We Do

Surrealty provides high-quality rendering services in response to the growing demand to utilize rendered products and virtual spaces in general marketing and product development.

By focusing on Augmented Reality (AR) applications that use computer-aided drafting (CAD), high-dynamic range (HDR) media and 4K resolution or better content, our technologies make rich media that can be streamed to consumers.

Media can be used in the entertainment industry, for marketing of real-estate and consumer products, or even to support prototyping for product lifecycle management.

Virtually rendered media content is more available and affordable than ever before.

Virtual Products, Virtually Everywhere

Over the next decade, a new wave of hardware will come to us all; from game consoles and mobile devices, to new form factors in home computing systems, displays and personal computing equipment.

5G networks introduce new speeds that will be critical in streaming high-quality media to companies, consumers to their new mobile communicators. These networking, graphics and computing advancements need new software to take advantage of their capabilities.

This is where Surrealty comes in.

Whether we are creating a virtual image or video, rendering virtual prototypes for a product, or licensing technology for others to leverage, Surrealty will be there to bring reality to virtually anything.

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We are committed to bringing high quality virtually represented products to everyone.

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